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Soap Craft Kit

Melt and Pour Glycerine Soap White -

Ingredients: Aqua , Propanediol, Sorbitol,

Stearic acid vegetable ,

Lauric acid vegetable,  Zinc  oxide

250g R137.00

Included in the kit:  

Citric acid, Epsom salts, Cornstarch,

Bicarbonate of  soda and Sweet Almond oil

 2  Bath Bomb molds

 Fragrance Oil


●    Colourant

●    Aqua

Suggested age: - 10+ years.  

Adult supervision recommended.  

Bath Bomb Kit

500g R145.00

Lip Balm Kit

Ingredients:  Castor oil, Shea butter, and Beeswax

Included in the kit:  

• 100g Butters and Oils

• 10 Lip Balm Containers

Suggested age: - 10+ years.  Adult supervision recommended.

Be Cautious …..Hot Butters and Waxes Burn    

100g R224.50

Included in the kit:  

• 250g Melt and Pour Soap

• 10ml Fragrance oil

• Silicone Mold for a 20g Soap

Suggested age: - 10+ years.  

Adult supervision recommended.

Be Cautious …..Hot Soap Burns   

Kit to make Cold Process Soap includes Oils, Distilled water and Sodium Hydroxide

Cold Processed Soap Kit

500g R125.00 1kg R250.00