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100g R48.00, 500g R195.00, 1Kg R375.00

Aloe Gel Whole Leaf Raw

Avocado Butter

100g R67.00, 500g R287.,  1Kg 562.00

Apricot Kernel

100g 85.00, 500g R388, 1Kg R766

100g R47., 500g R188, 1Kg R365.


Refined Bleached Deoderised

Castor Oil First Pressing

100g R37.50, 500g R139, 1Kg R265

100g 65, 500g R302, 1Kg R605

Cocoa Butter

100g R220

Jojoba Cold Pressed

Glycerine Vegetable

100ml R30, 1L R208, 5L R1000.00


1Kg R75, 5Kg R326,

Lauric Acid Vegetable

100g R30, 500g R99, 1Kg R186

Cetyl Alcohol

1Kg 123, 5Kg 575.00

Hand and Body Lotion Base

100g R79, 1Kg R679.

Allantoin is found in plants like chamomile, wheat sprouts, sugar beet and comfrey


100g R90.00, 500 R415, 1Kg R820

Shea Butter UnRefined

1Kg R85, 5Kg R389

Potassium Hydroxide

1Kg R80, 5Kg R301,

Palm Oil


100g R52, 500g R222, 1Kg R418.00

Shea Butter Refined

1Kg R79, 5Kg R354

Sodium Hydroxide

100g R20, 500g R50 1Kg R86

Stearic Acid Vegetable

100g R41.50, 500g R165, 1Kg 423

Sweet Almond Oil

10g R43, 100g R354. 1Kg R1733

Vitamin E Oil

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